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ilmainen seksi chatti homo chatti

attacks and Biographies of living persons will apply to your user space, just as elsewhere. You should very carefully read the guidance on conflict of interest and generally avoid editing about yourself or matters closely related to you in any article. Soft redirects are allowed on userpages. User pages or user space All of these pages are your user pages or user space. If you click "last change" it will show you the last edit done to your talk page. For userspace drafts where GNG is the only concern, consensus is that they should not be kept indefinitely; however, the community did not arrive at a specified time duration. Deleting your user page or subpages You can freely blank any pages in your user space yourself (other than the few items that must not be removed) and request the deletion ilmainen seksi chatti homo chatti of your user page or subpages. Userspace is not a free web host and should not be used to indefinitely host pages that look like articles, old revisions, or deleted content, or your preferred version of disputed content. Although other editors will aim to respect your user space, if corrective action is needed and not undertaken the inappropriate content will eventually be removed, either by editing the page (if only part is inappropriate by redirecting. They are rectangular and usually contain a picture and text. Also pages that may be of value to the wider community or whose deletion is opposed by other users might be undeleted during a deletion discussion. If you want it deleted completely then use db-user. If the entire page is inappropriate, consider blanking it, or redirecting the subpage to the userpage, or to the most relevant existing mainspace or project space page. Text, images, and non-disruptive formatting should be left as intact as possible.

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Here is an example: A userbox is a small rectangular box that looks like this. A user's contributions that consist solely of a lone edit to their user page should not normally be speedy deleted unless it consists solely of spam or other speedy deletable material. (For instance, create User:Example User as User:Example User/s.) This method will completely prevent further vandalism by limiting user page editing to yourself, and administrators since ".js" and ".css" pages in userspace can only be edited by them. Pages that preserve material previously deleted, without an active attempt to address the reasons for deletion, if left live, may be deleted by tagging with db-g4. When a userspace page reaches ilmainen seksi chatti homo chatti a point where it can be included as an article consider moving it into mainspace or using its content appropriately in other relevant articles. For IP editors, templates and notes left to indicate other users share the same IP address. User pages are administration pages in the User and User talk namespaces, and are useful for organizing and aiding the work users do on Wikipedia, and facilitating interaction and sharing between users.
ilmainen seksi chatti homo chatti
  1. Wikipedia:User pages - Wikipedia
  2. Personal and privacy-breaching material Some people add personal information such as contact details (email, instant messaging, etc. Deleting others' user pages In general other users' user pages are managed by that user. If a "vanished" user returns, old pages associated with them may be undeleted or unblanked, and could be linked to any new account they create and disclosed at RFA ; if this would be a problem, consult ArbCom by email beforehand. It is still used for anonymous IP users and for registered users who have manually enabled. Less blatant cases are routinely deleted at WP:MfD.
  3. (For example in the latter case, because it is pure original research, is in complete disregard of reliable sources, or is clearly unencyclopedic for other clear reasons.) Communications unrelated to Wikipedia, with people uninvolved with the project bdsm kauppa seksiseuraa hämeenlinna or its related work. The Wikipedia community is generally tolerant and offers fairly wide latitude in applying these guidelines to regular participants. Users should generally not maintain in public view negative information related to others without very good reason. Note that it is not possible to give them narrower licensing: all edits on Wikipedia, including all userspace edits, are licensed for use under the Creative Commons Attribution/Share-Alike License and in most cases the GNU Free Documentation License as part of Wikipedia.
  4. Besides communication, other legitimate uses of user space include (but are not limited to Significant editing disclosures (voluntary but recommended) Things other editors may find helpful to understand, such as alternative accounts (if publicly disclosed) If you. Editors may not use their userspace to solicit compensation for their Wikipedia contributions. Extensive self-promotional material, especially when not directly relevant to Wikipedia.


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Treffit - Suomalainen, suosittu senssi- ja deittipalsta! Xnx ilmainen porno videoita Kallio thai hieronta porno russia / Naista pirkkala Mit mies haluaa naiselta. User pages are administration pages in the User and User talk namespaces, and are useful for organizing and aiding the work users do on Wikipedia, and facilitating. Valmistelussa oli mukana noin 200 asiantuntijaa kunnista, kuntayhtymistä ja aluehallinnosta.